Airport Express Reviews

Submitted on 2016-11-28T06:34:00

Comments: Always a pleasure to ride.

Submitted on 2016-11-27T22:48:00

Comments: The driver was kind

Submitted on 2016-11-27T22:47:00

Comments: Overall my experience was good. I just didn't care to be dropped off so early on my trip to the airport. The drivers were pleasant and respectful.

Submitted on 2016-11-27T09:36:00

Comments: Excellent Driver

Submitted on 2016-11-27T07:48:00

Comments: TJ was amazing and wonderful.

Submitted on 2016-11-27T05:51:00

Comments: Will use you in the future

Submitted on 2016-11-27T05:44:00

Comments: Vonzell is great!!

Submitted on 2016-11-27T05:39:00

Comments: Outstanding! On time and very pleasant. Would use this service again anytime.

Submitted on 2016-11-26T18:43:00

Comments: Fast and reliable!

Submitted on 2016-11-26T12:36:00

Comments: She was quick efficient friendly knowledgeable. A pleasure to ride with her.

Submitted on 2016-11-26T12:17:00

Comments: Fast reservation, friendly driver and ticket agent

Submitted on 2016-11-26T09:17:00

Comments: Fast, polite, helpful, good value.

Submitted on 2016-11-25T21:06:00

Comments: Very nice! Courteous, professional, and got us to our hotel very quickly. Thank you!

Submitted on 2016-11-25T19:50:00

Comments: perfect and courteous driver. very professional. It was terrific and so was the ride. He help with the luggage.

Submitted on 2016-11-24T20:01:00

Comments: Driver very nice.

Submitted on 2016-11-24T18:18:00

Comments: Driver was very nice and courteous! Beautiful car and ride. Very happy I found GO!!!

Submitted on 2016-11-24T17:53:00

Comments: Thank you! I'll catch you next time!

Submitted on 2016-11-24T12:06:00

Comments: So glad we used this service!

Submitted on 2016-11-23T22:09:00

Comments: Friendliness in the tradition of the Midwest

Submitted on 2016-11-23T19:42:00

Comments: Will highly recommend your services to my clients, very competent and friendly representatives, were made to feel welcomed immediately.

Submitted on 2016-11-23T16:15:00

Comments: Best driver (and vehicle) with go airport express.Thank you!

Submitted on 2016-11-23T12:12:00

Comments: my driver Leonard was excellent

Submitted on 2016-11-23T12:04:00

Comments: CJ at the counter was both personable and professional. Very helpful. Terrell smoothly delivered us to the hotel- great driving skills on the highway, and Charlie is both kind and efficient. Happy with the service. Thank you.

Submitted on 2016-11-23T10:48:00

Comments: I'll use this service whenever I come to Chicago

Submitted on 2016-11-23T06:19:00

Comments: Excellent driver, was early to pick me up!! Thank you!!

Submitted on 2016-11-23T05:28:00

Comments: very considerate driver

Submitted on 2016-11-22T19:32:00

Comments: They called me to confirm pick up in a very rude way... didn't appreciate it

Submitted on 2016-11-22T18:41:00

Comments: Elmos is awesome! Super courteous and helpful. He called to let me know he was there-was a few minutes early. I told him I'd be there in a few minutes and he said no problem. He provided great customer service. He is a rock star!

Submitted on 2016-11-22T15:11:00

Comments: Never any issues with Go Airport Express. Todays driver wss FABULOUS!

Submitted on 2016-11-22T12:32:00

Comments: Margaret provided a very pleasant ride to O'Hare. The car was spotless, she was friendly and got me to the airport on time. I forgot to give her my printed ticket. Please let me know if you need me to send it to her?

Submitted on 2016-11-22T11:44:00

Comments: I have been using airport express for 25 years..driver Ed this morning is extraordinary in every way. Polite, great driver a delight

Submitted on 2016-11-22T11:30:00

Comments: Drivers and ticket agent were all great. Thanks

Submitted on 2016-11-21T13:45:00

Comments: Great driver.friendly and lntime good driver.great service.thx.Jane luck man driver was Greg p.

Submitted on 2016-11-21T12:51:00

Comments: Driver was helpful and efficient.

Submitted on 2016-11-20T20:36:00

Comments: The ticket agent at Midway was very courteous and gave excellent customer service (I forgot to get her name). Mr. Anthony, my GO Airport Express driver, was very professional in his manner upon my arrival and at my drop off point.

Submitted on 2016-11-20T19:27:00

Comments: Excellent service.

Submitted on 2016-11-20T19:26:00

Comments: Great service.

Submitted on 2016-11-20T17:43:00

Comments: Driver was great!!!! So nice. Prompt and so kind. He did a tour of the city for us!!

Submitted on 2016-11-20T12:59:00

Comments: This was my first time but i will use this service from now on and suggest to my friends and co workers!

Submitted on 2016-11-20T11:31:00

Comments: Extremely efficient and courteous drivers.

Submitted on 2016-11-20T10:13:00

Comments: I will recommend this service to anyone I know who is traveling to Chicago.

Submitted on 2016-11-20T09:28:00

Comments: Great service, will certainly use again when I am back next

Submitted on 2016-11-20T09:18:00

Comments: Great.Gd bless u all .

Submitted on 2016-11-20T08:55:00

Comments: Driver courteous and waited for us to come downstairs!

Submitted on 2016-11-20T05:32:00

Comments: Thanks

Submitted on 2016-11-19T15:37:00

Comments: Was a little concerned about the pick up. He had a fulll vehicle, but was a little late.

Submitted on 2016-11-19T15:02:00

Comments: There were a large number of stops and the ultimate ride was over two hours but this was during rush hour.

Submitted on 2016-11-19T13:10:00

Comments: Extremely friendly and courteous as well as prompt. Loved it

Submitted on 2016-11-19T13:09:00

Comments: Driver was super friendly and gave us the highlights of the area. Easy to book, convenient and on time. Highly recommended.

Submitted on 2016-11-19T07:42:00

Comments: Driver was very nice and cheerful

Submitted on 2016-11-19T05:37:00

Comments: Online purchase

Submitted on 2016-11-18T17:56:00

Comments: Had no problems! Driver was courteous and professional.

Submitted on 2016-11-18T17:43:00

Comments: Great professional driver. Likely a spiritual woman, too. Traffic was nasty and I heard her mumbling what sounded like prayers! Lol

Submitted on 2016-11-18T16:09:00

Comments: Fast and easy! Thank you very much!

Submitted on 2016-11-18T14:46:00

Comments: Great Service. thank you

Submitted on 2016-11-18T13:29:00

Comments: Wonderful driver

Submitted on 2016-11-18T12:09:00

Comments: Driver was experienced and knew the road like the back of his hand. I was impressed with the way he managed the traffic and the multiple stops. Great job!

Submitted on 2016-11-18T09:58:00

Comments: Very nice and professional driver.

Submitted on 2016-11-18T08:49:00

Comments: The pickup driver made my day! Thanks!

Submitted on 2016-11-18T07:34:00

Comments: She was early, easy going and great to talk to. Wonderful driver. Also, there should be an n/a option for ticket agent as I did not interact with one for this trip. Because I did not interact with an agent I am going with 1 star.

Submitted on 2016-11-17T20:05:00

Comments: The driver was an exceptionally professional, courteous gentleman!!

Submitted on 2016-11-17T18:19:00

Comments: The vehicle was making huge sounds. Transmission issues perhaps!

Submitted on 2016-11-17T17:04:00

Comments: We have always used Go Airport express when visiting here and will continue to as we have always had excellent service. We have also recommended it to friends.

Submitted on 2016-11-17T13:15:00

Comments: Staff was very helpful and accommodating. Driver was friendly and helpful!

Submitted on 2016-11-17T10:34:00

Comments: My driver was amazing, he took the time and care to help me get my ticket, explain the process and make sure I got to where I need to go. Thank you so much. This Was My First adventure with this.

Submitted on 2016-11-17T10:11:00

Comments: Great will ride again

Submitted on 2016-11-17T09:36:00

Comments: I don't remember the drivers name but he was very personable, got us to the airport safely, was a good driver. He is definitely a good face for the company and an absolute asset to ur business.

Submitted on 2016-11-17T08:10:00

Comments: Showed up on time and got us to the airport on time

Submitted on 2016-11-17T07:57:00

Comments: The ticket agent was friendly and welcomed me to Chicago. She was very helpful and efficient. The driver was also very helpful with my luggage and drove perfectly. Superb.

Submitted on 2016-11-17T05:47:00

Comments: Leonard is awesome!!!

Submitted on 2016-11-16T17:54:00

Comments: Professional all the way. Driver knew the shortcuts when traffic was heavy.

Submitted on 2016-11-16T16:44:00

Comments: Booked online.

Submitted on 2016-11-16T15:37:00

Comments: 5 Stars he was awesome

Submitted on 2016-11-16T14:53:00

Comments: Reliable. I thought they recommended a very early pick up though. Pick up 4 h befor my flight. Ride was south loop to Midway.

Submitted on 2016-11-16T12:56:00

Comments: Excellent service. Will recommend to others.

Submitted on 2016-11-16T12:55:00

Comments: Awesome service.

Submitted on 2016-11-16T12:46:00

Comments: Thank you

Submitted on 2016-11-16T12:24:00

Comments: My driver was timely, friendly and helpful.

Submitted on 2016-11-16T11:42:00

Comments: Bill, our driver, was very professional and yet friendly! He dropped us out at the choosen airline, asked several times if the temperature inside the van was acceptable and offered to adjust it to our request. The drive was smooth and enjoyable. Thank yo

Submitted on 2016-11-16T10:54:00

Comments: The driver was also very knowledgeable about local traffic.

Submitted on 2016-11-16T09:32:00

Comments: On time pickup, helpful drivers, great service. Would recommend to others.

Submitted on 2016-11-16T08:30:00

Comments: My driver was so pleasantOne if your best !

Submitted on 2016-11-15T21:26:00

Comments: Driver did a great job getting us through rush hour traffic. Even put on some soothing music to get us through the drive.

Submitted on 2016-11-15T19:45:00

Comments: Easy quick service.

Submitted on 2016-11-15T19:39:00

Comments: Will recommend to a friend!!

Submitted on 2016-11-15T18:16:00

Comments: Everything was great.

Submitted on 2016-11-15T16:47:00

Comments: Nice folks, easy ride to the hotel. Thanks.

Submitted on 2016-11-15T16:41:00

Comments: Mr. Grandberry was very courteous and professional. I arrived Midway Airport in a timely manner. I am quite pleased!

Submitted on 2016-11-15T13:16:00

Comments: So quick and easy! Highly recommend

Submitted on 2016-11-15T11:36:00

Comments: Very nice driver. He was early and it was a good ride.

Submitted on 2016-11-14T18:45:00

Comments: Our driver was very professional although he did go to the wrong hotel to pick us up, but we had no problem with that as it did not make us run late. He was very attentive to driving and getting us there safely. We will certainly use GO again..

Submitted on 2016-11-14T18:12:00

Comments: Helpful, resourceful and quelled my anxieties

Submitted on 2016-11-14T14:59:00

Comments: I had put the wrong hotel for my destination when I reserved online. The driver was amazing and got me to the correct hotel. She was wonderful.

Submitted on 2016-11-14T14:23:00

Comments: 4.5 well done

Submitted on 2016-11-14T12:55:00

Comments: Much better on the way back because coming from the airport I was sitting in the front and the radio was very annoying.

Submitted on 2016-11-14T11:27:00

Comments: Anton little was extremely knowledgeable courteous and professional I was very impressed Will Shaw was professional courteous nice and had hilarious jokes

Submitted on 2016-11-14T10:21:00

Comments: Overall great. However, with 3 passengers at the back seat it was really tight and somewhat uncofortable.

Submitted on 2016-11-14T10:20:00

Comments: My driver was well informed and I appreciated that she pointed out landmarks and places of interest. Very positive & professional. It's great to see someone who enjoys her work!

Submitted on 2016-11-14T07:03:00

Comments: I arranged for the service on the website. It would be nice to be able to include the tip in the bill so you don't need to worry about cash. Driver was very conscientious

Submitted on 2016-11-13T22:04:00

Comments: Loved our driver, very friendly and polite. Would ride with him again anytime.

Submitted on 2016-11-13T13:15:00

Comments: Everything was perfect. Easy, fast and affordable. Airport Express is a triple threat!

Submitted on 2016-11-13T12:20:00

Comments: My pick up was late due to traffic but otherwise very pleasant and will use again!

Submitted on 2016-11-13T12:17:00

Comments: Loved my driver, he was very interesting to talk to.

Submitted on 2016-11-13T10:17:00

Comments: Should provide approximate time to include other pickups when calculating flight airport arrival times

Submitted on 2016-11-13T09:43:00

Comments: Very easy. Really appreciate the lack of trouble.

Submitted on 2016-11-13T06:36:00

Comments: George was the best! Tour guide and a plethora of information. Entertaining, enlightening, friendly. Give that man a raise!!!

Submitted on 2016-11-13T05:44:00

Comments: Personable and on time service

Submitted on 2016-11-13T05:37:00

Comments: Good experience. Driver on time and polite. Would use GO services again. Thank you

Submitted on 2016-11-13T05:31:00

Comments: Lovely driver! Super service...

Submitted on 2016-11-13T04:39:00

Comments: Was 3 minutes early !! Amazing. Friendly driver. Highly reccomend.

Submitted on 2016-11-12T21:55:00

Comments: Thank you...sorry I forgot to rate sooner.

Submitted on 2016-11-12T17:27:00

Comments: Ron is very knowledgeable about the happening in the city. His driving ability in mass traffic is exceptional. The experience far exceeded the cost.

Submitted on 2016-11-12T17:22:00

Comments: Driver arrived right on time! Very friendly

Submitted on 2016-11-12T08:19:00

Comments: Very nice driver!

Submitted on 2016-11-12T08:14:00

Comments: David. Is terrific. Upbeat at 6am!Give him a raiseTim ButteRT customer

Submitted on 2016-11-11T19:22:00

Comments: Terrel was pleasant friendly and efficient

Submitted on 2016-11-11T14:30:00

Comments: Great people, great service!

Submitted on 2016-11-11T12:32:00

Comments: Only problem was the Chicago traffic!! Nothing you can do about that.

Submitted on 2016-11-11T07:38:00

Comments: Eddie is a wonderful and very polite driver!

Submitted on 2016-11-11T07:00:00

Comments: Bought ticket online. No agent

Submitted on 2016-11-11T06:28:00

Comments: Driver was very courteous and friendly. I would recommend your shuttles to people.

Submitted on 2016-11-11T00:07:00

Comments: Our driver was very helpful to me as I needed assistance with my oxygen concentrator to get in and out of the van.

Submitted on 2016-11-10T22:33:00

Comments: First time using and it was fabulous! Great driver and timely!

Submitted on 2016-11-10T19:18:00

Comments: It was really wonderful that the driver treated all of us to Starbucks. What a fabulous way to run any sort of service business!

Submitted on 2016-11-10T18:58:00

Comments: Both drivers were fantastic and very patient!

Submitted on 2016-11-10T17:37:00

Comments: Liao is awesome!!! Took great care of us.

Submitted on 2016-11-10T16:25:00

Comments: Awesome experience. Timely and attentive.

Submitted on 2016-11-10T16:21:00

Comments: Another great driver / so couteous and helpful

Submitted on 2016-11-10T15:11:00

Comments: Great, made me feel very taken care of.

Submitted on 2016-11-10T13:36:00

Comments: Always enjoy using your service.

Submitted on 2016-11-10T12:36:00

Comments: First time at OHare and in Chicago/our driver was like a tour guide! Excellent driver and service! Very convenient-easy to find and use shuttle

Submitted on 2016-11-10T12:31:00

Comments: Everything was great! The driver was very professional and friendly.

Submitted on 2016-11-10T05:58:00

Comments: Excellent driver. Thank you!!

Submitted on 2016-11-10T05:27:00

Comments: On time and reliable! Far better experience than the first leg

Submitted on 2016-11-10T04:05:00

Comments: Great service on time

Submitted on 2016-11-09T20:51:00

Comments: The van could use some work

Submitted on 2016-11-09T17:08:00

Comments: The driver was very friendly and professional.

Submitted on 2016-11-09T17:05:00

Comments: This has been great! Thanks!

Submitted on 2016-11-09T12:57:00

Comments: Alisha is the best. Her positive energy made us all comfortable. Her knowledge of Chicago was impressive as well. Thank you!

Submitted on 2016-11-09T10:33:00

Comments: Charles T was a fabulous driver!!

Submitted on 2016-11-09T07:29:00

Comments: Driver was on time and pleasant

Submitted on 2016-11-08T16:27:00

Comments: Nice Lady Shirley

Submitted on 2016-11-08T15:30:00

Comments: It was nice to have a safe ride ready to pick me up. Thank you

Submitted on 2016-11-08T12:55:00

Comments: Thanks!!!

Submitted on 2016-11-08T08:22:00

Comments: We reserved online. Had a suburban pick us up. Smooth ride. Driver was very nice. Got to the airport with plenty of time to spare.

Submitted on 2016-11-08T05:44:00

Comments: Best shuttle service I've ever used!

Submitted on 2016-11-07T20:21:00

Comments: Our driver Harvey delivered excellent customer service. He is a good ambassador for your company

Submitted on 2016-11-07T18:16:00

Comments: Very professional and efficient.

Submitted on 2016-11-07T13:22:00

Comments: Right on time, pleasant and attentive to his driving. I appreciated the email reminder. ThAnks.

Submitted on 2016-11-07T11:24:00

Comments: I was truly impressed with driver...professional, personable, and most knowledgable. He made a long ride through rush hour traffic most enjoyable .

Submitted on 2016-11-07T08:30:00

Comments: Super service! Thanks!

Submitted on 2016-11-07T08:23:00

Comments: great service, always get me to the airport on time. great drivers - they make me feel safe and get me to my destination in a safe and timely manner. Thank you

Submitted on 2016-11-07T07:09:00

Comments: Our driver was great navigating through the Cubs parade traffic. He was very personable, which made for a very enjoyable ride.

Submitted on 2016-11-06T17:36:00

Comments: I sincerely appreciate Margaret helping us get out of downtown before it got too crazy and before our scheduled time! It was quite a relief and was a great vehicle. Thanks again. Of the 3 GO drivers I met on Friday, 2 were excellent in customer service

Submitted on 2016-11-06T13:01:00

Comments: Reasonable price and excellent services

Submitted on 2016-11-06T12:41:00

Comments: CJ was wonderful and even helped me out to find the car. Will certainly us this service again

Submitted on 2016-11-06T08:54:00

Comments: Very professional driver this morning

Submitted on 2016-11-06T07:30:00

Comments: Awesome service thank you!

Submitted on 2016-11-06T04:52:00

Comments: My return visit with Mr Garcia was wonderful, he was welcoming and humorous. Just what we needed at 4am! It was wonderful.

Submitted on 2016-11-05T21:14:00

Comments: Our driver was awesome! 5 stars across the board.

Submitted on 2016-11-05T14:35:00

Comments: First time, will use again!

Submitted on 2015-08-05T07:39:00

Comments: Angel was very helpful with my bags and answered many questions. He's a good representative of your company

Submitted on 2015-08-04T12:14:00

Comments: Your driver was very courteous and polite.

Submitted on 2015-08-04T11:51:00

Comments: Great! Thank you ...

Submitted on 2015-08-04T11:20:00

Comments: Excellent service. I will definitely use again and highly recommend to others.

Submitted on 2015-08-04T06:54:00

Comments: Driver was really nice

Submitted on 2015-08-03T18:52:00

Comments: I think our driver was Errol and he was awesome: very professional, patient and entertaining. A great representative of your company!