Traveling for leisure or work can cause equal amounts of stress. Knowing how to properly handle and deal with travel stress can make your experience that much more enjoyable. Here are 3 simple steps you can implement on your next trip.

  1. Plan, Plan, Plan!

    A simple step to take is to thoroughly plan out your trip. Travel planning can be a bit tedious, but breaking it up into actionable steps can result in a smooth and seamless getaway. One helpful planning tip is to purchase a travel notebook or to download a project management app to keep track of all your to-do’s. Once you’ve figured out your preferred method of organizing, the next step is to create a checklist. Your checklist should contain all important travel documents such as your passport, travel insurance, credit cards, health information, driver’s license, and of course, your airline ticket. Making sure all these documents are secured in place the night before take-off will allow for an easy travel day. Another useful tip is to break up your financial costs so you are not paying one lump sum of money. You can do so by breaking up different days to purchase hotel stays, plane tickets, excursions, and putting aside for spending money. By allotting different days to tackle different expenses, you can gain a clear sense of the financial impact of the trip.

  2. Early Arrival

    There are many reasons why arriving early is beneficial to your traveling journey. One being, avoiding traffic. Depending on what time your flight takes off, morning and evening flights run the risk of traffic jams. Morning commutes consists of people traveling to work, school, appointments, and the list goes on. Security Screening lines can also take quite some time. Opening your luggage, removing your shoes, and other personal items can take a couple of minutes alone. Early arrival will give extra time if things take longer than expected. Lastly, being able to choose your seating due to arriving early is a plus. Who doesn’t like having a window seat? Just a little incentive to make sure you arrive early!

  3. Renting a Ride Share Service

    Eliminate the stress of making arrangements for your family or friends to drop you off/pick up. Renting a ride share service is the best route to go because it allows for quality, reliable, and affordable alternative. Go Airport Express is a fantastic ride share service that is easy to use and provides customers with the best drivers and travel experience.