It is said to travel as much as possible in your twenties, especially, a mandatory solo trip. The goal is to embrace your journey towards adulthood and the independence you are gaining day by day meanwhile, expanding your horizons. Although, this statement is true. It is equally important to make time for solo trips at any age and here’s why:

Time for yourself: Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert it is necessary to carve out time to spend with yourself to reorganize your thoughts. Life can become hectic very quickly and it’s easy to get caught up in our daily routines by not paying attention to what our “self” needs it can manifest into anger for our loved ones or constant dissatisfaction in our everyday lives.

Regain Creative Flow: Despite your industry traveling to new places around the world can inspire your creativity, especially if you’ve been in a creative rut. Constantly observing your surroundings in a new place can help center yourself to create self-assessments.

Meet New friends: One of the greatest joys of traveling is the friendships you gain along the way. Allowing yourself to step out of your comfort zone will make the transition of meeting new people a lot easier. A good way to do this is to attend many local shops throughout your trip and engage in conversation with restaurant owners, shop owners, and the people passing by. Traveling evokes interesting and impactful stories that will follow you for a lifetime.

Cheaper Costs: The biggest burden of traveling is the cost of it all. Fortunately, traveling solo can keep spending costs down. It allows you to create a budget that you can follow without any interruptions. When traveling with others, it is a bit more difficult to stick to a budget when you have different likes and preferences in terms of restaurants and excursions. Traveling solo allows you to be in charge of all the cost-effective decision making without the complaints of others.

Confidence Strength: Traveling alone requires self-dependency which will instill a new set of skills such as navigation, setting an itinerary and overall organizational skills. Being solo on a trip may come off as a challenge especially if it is your first trip but it allows you to really see the type of person you are and forces you to rely on yourself in a way you’ve never had before.

With fall being in full-bloom we’re encouraging you to take a full day for yourself before the holidays arrive. Take time to treat yourself to a relaxing and self-explorative trip. To make the trip planning even easier we have your airport travels figured out, GO with us and book your ride today!