It’s Lights, Camera, Drive! on Airport Express

The next time you ride in an Airport Express van, smile – you may be on a candid camera!  Continental Airport Express, Chicago’s premier ground transportation service provider, is installing DriveCam Driving Feedback System in its 22 new, 10-passenger vans.

DriveCam aids and promotes driver and passenger safety while reducing maintenance and insurance costs.  The system incorporates a video camera mounted on the rear view mirror, which monitors driver activity and events outside the vehicle. Should an accident occur, the DriveCam provides a record of 10 seconds before through 10 seconds after the incident occurs. This valuable information will be used to help determine fault and liability and to serve as a reference to help prevent future incidents.

“Improving driving performance is key to controlling expenses related with vehicle repair, maintenance and insurance. Ground transportation providers using this technology have documented a reduction in collision of 30 to 50 percent,” says Mike Zuniga, safety director at Airport Express.  “Airport Express prides itself on its exemplary safety record and we are continually researching ways to provide passengers with the safest, most reliable and efficient transportation option.”

Founded in 1853 as the Parmelee Transportation Company, Continental Airport Express currently transports more than one million passengers annually to and from Chicago’s O’Hare and Midway Airports.  Its services are offered to and from downtown Chicago, as well as most Chicago neighborhoods and its surrounding suburbs.  For more information visit

Press Inquiries

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