Are you planning on taking your pet on your next getaway? Traveling alone creates its own stress. Now try adding in a pet and there are a million new steps added to your to-do list. Whether you’re traveling for fun or moving to a new place, that doesn’t mean you have to leave your furry friend behind. Below we’ve provided some handy tips in organizing your journey with your furry loved one:

Early Arrival: It’s important to arrive early to your estimated take-off to ensure your pet has enough time to unwind before heading on a long plane ride. While going through the security checks and being around a lot of people your pet may feel overwhelmed and overstimulated by all the commotion going on, especially if that it’s not the type of environment they are used to.

Training Before Travel Day: Training with your pet before travel day will help them prepare for what’s to come. You can do this by taking them in the car with you while you run errands and placing them in their crate while doing so. This will get them used to be in a confined space for a certain amount of time. Depending on how long your flight is, you can start gradually placing them in a crate for 15 minutes and build up from there until it’s time for take-off.

If you do not plan on placing your pet in a crate during your travels, these same tactics will work for your lap partner as well. Place your pet on your lap and see how long they can last without moving around and causing too much commotion. This will also help you figure out what’s the best travel accommodations for your pet.

Walks Before Boarding: Make sure to take a walk around the airport before boarding to allow your pet time to blow off some energy. Allowing them to sniff and see the lay of the land will help with their anxiety in dealing with a new space.

The Perfect Crate: Purchasing the correct crate for your pet is extremely important. Make sure to purchase a few different crates and allow your pet to figure out which one they like the best. To ensure they have the best comfort during their flight, adding in plush padding along with your pet’s favorite blanket and toys will make them feel more at ease with your travels.

With so many things to do before your travel day save yourself the time and energy of figuring out transportation, and GO with us. Transportation can be tricky when you’re figuring out to get to the airport especially if you’re traveling with a pet. Relying on Taxis and other rideshare options can become a bit tricky depending on if they allow pets or not. Instead, choose our rideshare service and remove the stress of arranging your travel.